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We have many guests who have never stayed in a guest house before, so please don’t worry. Of course, everyone’s purposes for staying at Umebachi are different; some spend their time relaxing in their room, some read or work in the common area or talk to other guests and staff while having a cup of tea.
Umebachi is a small guest house so it’s easy to interact with other people.
Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

There is a parking lot for 2 vehicles within our property.
It’s first-come, first-served, but you can reserve a spot for 500JPY per night per vehicle.
*Parking hours: From 16:00 to 11:00 the next morning.
*Please notify us beforehand if you need to park outside normal parking hours. The cost is an extra 300JPY per vehicle). Note: a spot cannot be guaranteed as usage is first-come, first-served.
*Maximum size: 2 tons
* If full, there is a coin-operated parking lot nearby.

Yes. This depends on group size, so please contact us for further information.

We do not have a curfew. There is an electronic door lock which we will explain when you check in.
You will be able to come and go as you like. However, it’s lights out at 23:00 and we ask you to be quiet during the night and in the early morning as Umebachi is located in a residential area.

Yes. You can leave your luggage free of charge on the day of check-in/check-out during reception’s opening hours: 08:00-11:00 / 16:00-23:00.
It is also possible to leave your luggage before/after your check-in/check-out date?
We charge 200JPY per day per person if outside of the check-in or check-out dates.
*Please ask in advance.
*For those leaving luggage outside the days of actual staying, use of the facilities is restricted to visiting only. Usage of the facility’s services is reserved for customers staying at that time. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, you may do so at the following times:
1. Early check-in: 08:00-11:00
2. Late check-in: Until 22:30 (Please be aware, the showers close at 22:30 and are available again at 06:00 the next day)
*Please let us know in advance.
*In case of not being able to arrive before 23:00, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be able to stay at Umebachi that day.
*We charge 500JPY per person extra for late check-ins.
*If you know that you will arrive after 23:00 at the time of your reservation, you will not be able to make a reservation

Free to use:
Wi-Fi, toaster oven, coffee & tea, microwave, fridge, tableware, hair dryer, shampoo, body wash, bedding (sheets and covers).
Charged services:
Rental bicycles 100JPY/day, bath towels 100JPY, 2 small towels 100JPY, ear plugs 100JPY, laundry: self-service washing machine (Wash: 200JPY, Dry: 300JPY)

Yes, children may stay. Those with babies are limited to the private rooms. Those with children 6 years and older may use the dormitories.
*As we have a small guest house, sounds travel quite easily. As such, we ask that those with babies that cry throughout the night refrain from staying here. This is in order to provide an equally relaxing and comfortable stay for all guests. We appreciate your understanding.
Prices for Children:
*Children 6 or older or those using a futon (bedding) are charged at the adult rate.
*When you don’t use a Futon:
For children between the ages of 3-6: 800JPY/night
For children under 2 years old: free of charge

Yes, there are a variety of shops in our area. There is a convenience store (Lawson), a supermarket, a curry restaurant, a Ramen place, an izakaya and a wine-bar among others. There are also Karaoke rooms and ROUND1, an indoor amusement center where you can hang out with your friends and family.

No, there is no kitchen for guest-usage. However, there is a microwave that you can use during the reception’s open hours. In the morning, we have self-serve breakfast (toast & coffee) for free. We can prepare dinner on a reservation basis (700JPY). We have dinner at 19:30, so please make a reservation and join us!
Please note: Outside food & drink is allowed in the common area. However, eating or drinking in the rooms is prohibited.

Yes. We open the common area for travelers and local people to meet and interact with each other. We ask you to order at least one drink or make a dinner reservation (700JPY). Please note: dinner starts at 19:30.

Yes. We do our best to ensure that everyone can sit together and enjoy dinner without borders. Please make sure to contact us in advance for details.

Yes, that is absolutely welcomed. We also organize different kinds of events such as live performances, speaking events, BBQs, Halloween & Christmas parties, and even activities at the beach or in the mountains. There is a small gallery space in Umebachi where your art can be displayed. Please contact us for further information.