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7 minutes on foot from Nigatake JR Station (JR Senseki Line)
15 minutes on foot from Higashi Sendai station (JR Tohoku main Line).

  • A「ウエストパレスマンション」West palace apartment: Bars & Restaurants at on the Ground Floor
  • C「ローソン」Lawson
  • D「苦竹郵便局」Sendai Nigatake Post Office
  • E「平成一丁目公園」Heisei Ichichome Park
  • F「イオンエクスプレス」Aeon Express
  • G「カラオケまねきねこ」Karaoke Manekineko
Getting to Umebachi

❶ 7 minutes on foot from Nigatake JR Station(JR Senseki Line)

As you leave Nigatake JR Station, turn left and walk along Route 45. When you reach the intersection (ROUND 1 will be on your left), turn right, cross Rt. 45 and keep walking straight.
Go over the bridge and after passing the Lawson convenience store, take the first left you come to. There will be a small post office there. Go along the narrow street to the right side of the post office, passing an apartment building and a fenced-off area. Take the first left and go straight until you reach Umebachi!

❷ 15 minutes on foot from Higashi Sendai station(JR Tohoku main Line).

After exiting Higashi Sendai station, turn left and walk straight until the end of the street (there will be a Karaoke Manekineko on your right-hand side) then turn left. Cross the railroad tracks and walk straight along the street until you pass an AEON Express supermarket (right-hand side) and reach an intersection with a traffic signal. After crossing the street, continue straight and then take the second right turn. At the second right, there will be a small post office. To the right of the post office is a narrow road. Follow that road past the post office, an apartment building and a fenced-off area. Take the first left and go straight until you reach Umebachi!


Unfortunately, car navigation systems as well as Google Maps, etc. are often wrong regarding directions to Umebachi. Please refer to the map and information on our site as we don’t want you to get lost!

Sightseeing Information

Using Umebachi as your base, you can visit many local destinations with ease.

Creating your own travel itinerary in Miyagi is simple as there are many historical sites, scenic views, local cultures and foods
that can be enjoyed throughout each of the four seasons.


Around Umebachi

You can go for a walk along the Umeda River where you can enjoy flowers and birds. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, there are many eateries nearby where you can have ramen, kushiyaki or curry. There is even a Wine-Bar as well.

Fish Shop (Uoharu)
West palace apartment: Bars & Restaurants at on the Ground Floor
Umeda River
Kushiyaki Restaurant (Ren)


Sendai City Center

Sendai was founded in 1600 by the Daimyō Date Masamune and is known as ‘The City of Trees’. Experience the region’s history at Date
Masamune-related places such as Zuihōden, Osaki Hachimangu as well as the site of the former Sendai Castle. Definitely do not miss out on Sendai’s local foods, two popular ones being Gyutan (beef tongue) and Zunda-mochi. Use the Marugoto Pass (2-day all-you-can-ride bus/train pass) to visit as many tourist sites as you wish. Don’t miss out on the Loople Bus, either – it circles around prominent sites in Sendai, allowing you easy access to famous sites on your itinerary.

Beef Tongue
Osaki Hachimangu Shrine
Statue of Date Masumune
Loople Sendai



Less than an hour northeast of Sendai is the town of Matsushima, whose magnificent bay features numerous islets covered with pine trees. Known as one of Japan's three most scenic views, it’s a must-see location.
〈Access〉30 minutes from Nigatake JR Station (JR Senseki Line) to Matsushima-Kaigan JR Station

Zuiganji Temple
Islands of Matsushima
Entsūin Temple


Akiu & Sakunami Hot Springs

In Akiu as well as Sakunami, enjoy any of the more than 15 long-established onsens (hot springs) as well as traditional crafts and local foods. In Akiu, make sure to visit the Akiu Otaki (Great Falls), said to be one of Japan‘s three most beautiful waterfalls. When in Sakunami, a visit to the Nikka Miyagikyo Whisky Distillery should be on your to do list.
〈Access〉From Sendai JR Station to Akiu-no-Sato-Center: 40 minutes by Sendai-Seibu Liner (bus)
From Sendai JR Station to Sakunami JR Station: 40 minutes by train (JR Senzan line).

Sakunami Onsen
Akiu Great Falls
Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple
Akiu Onsen


Interacting with Animals

Zao Fox Village
“Kitsune Mura” (Fox Village) is located in Miyagi Zao. More than 100 foxes live in a free-range area in which you can walk amongst them. Besides 6 different kinds of foxes, you can also see rabbits, guinea pigs and goats.〈Access〉From Shiraishi JR Station (JR Main Line) to Kawarago Dam: 1 hour via the Castle-kun bus.
Tashiro Island (Cat Island)
Tashiro Island in Ishinomaki is known as "Cat Island" due to the large stray cat population that thrives as a result of the local belief that feeding cats will bring wealth and good fortune. There is a small cat shrine (Neko-jinja) in the middle of the island. If you are a cat lover, this island is a must-visit!
〈Access〉10 minutes from Ishinomaki JR Station (JR Senseki line) to the Kyu-Kitakamigawa Kakou ferry terminal by bus, then 45 minutes by ferry to the island.

Zao Fox Village
Tashirojima (Cat Island)


Watching Sports

You can enjoy watching Sendai’s local sports teams: ‘Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles’ (pro baseball), ‘Vegalta Sendai’ (pro football/soccer) and the ‘Sendai 89ers’ (pro basketball).

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
Vegalta Sendai


Sightseeing in the Surrounding Areas

You can take day trips from Umebachi to famous places in Miyagi and the surrounding prefectures. From Yamadera in Yamagata to Hiraizumi in Iwate, the first UNESCO World heritage site in Tohoku, to Goshiki-numa, which is a cluster of five volcanic lakes situated at the foot of Mt. Bandai in Fukushima, you can enjoy scenic nature in any direction you choose to go!

Mōtsūji Temple

Photo provided by: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Division & Sendai City Tourism Division  

Miyagi Prefecture Tourist Information Site

Sendai City Tourist Information Site