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Guest House UMEBACHI

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2023.12.12◎冬の長期滞在プラン販売のお知らせ◎Announcement of Winter long-term plan sales

 ★ あなたの新生活を応援するお得な長期滞在プランの販売がスタートです ★


◉仙台に住みたい方、お引越しの準備期間に、オンライン授業の学生さん、アドレスホッパー、ノマドワーカー、ワーケーション にぴったり!!!

◉敷金礼金無し! 水道光熱費、Wi-Fi、館内清掃・管理費、全て含まれていてとっても手軽でお得!

授業を受けたり、仕事をしたり、趣味に没頭したり、仙台や東北を観光したり、旅人と交流したり、なーんにもしなかったり、あなたの好きなように毎日を過ごしてみませんか? 選べる4つの期間をご用意しました。

【ドミトリー(相部屋)滞在 / Dormitory room
*It is a plan without meals.
* The room has 2 bunk beds and 1 futon can accommodate up to 5 people.

1名様料金    Rates / per person
●7泊8日プラン (7 nights 8 days) 24500円
●14泊15日プラン (14 nights 15 days)   46200円
●21泊22日プラン (21 nights 22 days)   63000円  
●30泊31日プラン (30 nights 31 days)   81000円
*Additional charges will apply if the year-end and New Year holidays (12/28-1/6) are included.

【 個室滞在 / Private room】
*It is a plan without meals.
* Depending on the reservation status, it may be a Japanese-style room or a private room with bunk beds.

1名様料金   Rates / per person
●7泊8日プラン (7 nights 8 days) 37100円
●14泊15日プラン (14 nights 15 days)   70000円
●21泊22日プラン (21 nights 22 days)   98700円
●30泊31日プラン (30 nights 31 days)   135000円
*Additional charges will apply if the year-end and New Year holidays (12/28-1/6) are included.

【問い合わせ方法  Inquiry method 

☆At the bottom of this plan, click “Q” on the check-in date and an email will start.

Please contact us by filling in the following information.
●Telephone number
●Desired room (shared room or private room)
●Number of men and women
●Check-in date
●Check-out date
* There are days when the room is already filled with reservations, so we will consult with you.


コンセント、無料WiFi、冷暖房 完備
◎徒歩や電車で図書館やコワーキングスペースにも行きやすく気分転換もしやすい! 徒歩20分くらいにスタバもあります♪



Perfect for those who take work or classes!
◎ You can use the shared space and the table / counter in the gallery.
◎ Outlet, free WiFi, Air conditioner available.
◎ It’s easy to go to the library and coworking space on foot or by train, and it’s easy to change your mood! There is also a Starbucks about 20 minutes on foot ♪

[About the guest house]
* This is a single-family guesthouse with a homely atmosphere. When there are other guests, you may hear voices and laughter.
* The lights are off from 23:00 to 8:00. Please refrain from calling or talking during this time. Also, please consider the noise such as the sound of hitting the keyboard.
* You can work in the shared space even during the off hours. No speaking. Indirect lighting will be used.

[Cancellation policy]
Please note that the cancellation fee for long-term plans will be 100% from 7 days before the check-in date and will not be refunded.
* Please check the details of the facility before check-in.